Corporate / Company law - Merger & Acquisitions - Compliance

Corporate, company law and mergers & acquisitions (M&A) are an essential part of the activities of our law firm. We can assist international groups, companies, shareholders and investors for their establishment, acquisition, sale or joint venture (JV) projects in France.

Company law  - Corporate law

Our practice covers all types of operations, more particularly the following specialties:

. corporate and company law

. restructuring

. sale, mergers and acquisitions of non listed companies

. LBO, venture capital, private equity, asset management.

Cross border operations - Merger & acquisitions

We have long term experience working with multinational groups and small or medium sized companies which have cross border activities.

We deliver a wide range of services which apply to Mergers & Acquisitions /

Corporate transactions, working with finance departments, accountants, auditors, notary, executives ... 

We are assited by specialists in other fields of law including tax, employment, finance and real estate.

We have a strong cross-border experience, working with tier law firms in other jurisdictions.

Compliance (Security - Privacy - Risk management)

We advise international companies about the particulars of compliance and trade compliance in France.

We explain why and how mandatory trade comliance regulations such as:

- U.S. FCPA, U.K. anti-bribery, O.E.C.D. anti-corruption,

have to be complied with by our clients, their employees, their suppliers.


We assist compliance officers in the implementation of the compliance rules within the company's structure (corporate, commercial, procurement, HR, IT departments).


We advise about cloud security and privacy risks and advise about legal solutions to neutralize legal risks.


We draft the corporate compliance documentation designed to the employees  and the ethic codes, code of conduct, etc. corresponding to our client's pesonal values and ethic.