Business law firm in France: - cross border & international operations

For 25 years we advise and supply legal assistance to French and International industrial and services companies as well as investors, in the following fields of law:

Broad experience in complex international corporate operations and trade

- company-corporate law / M&A / Private equity, venture capital, joint venture

- contracts and agreements: - industrial, commercial, business contracts, e.g. distribution, commission, construction, sale/purchase, consortium, services …

- intellectual and industrial property (IP): cooperation, licence, acquisition or sale of software, know how, patent, trade mark, etc.

- litigation and bankruptcy.

Bilingual French & English services

We provide bilingual legal services in French - English or Italian (or any other language with legal translators selected) to clients based in Europe, Asia, China, Middle East, USA America.


When requested we work and coordinate with attorneys / law firms based in other jurisdictions.

International & European business Lawfirm in France. Cross border legal services: company, M&A, trade, litigation, IP, industry, bilingual, english, french, italian, corporate, contracts, commercial, joint, venture, investors, distribution, agent, commiss
Business Law firm in France: French, European & International law