Cabinet VIOLLE, Avocat - law Firm is a sworn French 'avocat', 

registered at the Lyon Bar - Attorneys' Society (called 'Barreau' in France)

[equivalent to 'Sollicitor' or 'Barrister' (UK), 'Attorney-at-law' (USA), 'Rechtsanwalt' (Germany), 'Abogado' (Spain)]


Business law firm: - France, EU, International

Our lawfirm offers a broad range of business law solutions allowing you to implement successfully your French, European (EU) and international projects.

We always provide tailor-made solutions defined upon extensive and thorough discussions with our clients.

Legal expertise

We have 25 years' experience and expertise in the supply of legal services in the following fields of French, European and International laws:

- corporate law, company setup, M&A

(incl. tax, permanent establishment & employment issues)

- business law and commercial law

- contracts law (incl. lease, sale, distribution, agent, commission, R&D, licence, consortium, etc.

- joint venture (JV), and cross border operations

- intellectual properties (IP)

- labour law

together with relevant litigations, claims, disputes in front of the tribunals/courts.

Clients' fields of activity

Our clients :

. are French and international groups, companies and investors

. developing activities and commercializing products or services in France, Europe, Asia, America, Africa, USA, Middle East, Africa, ... or investing in France.

Fields of activity of our clients include the following services and industries;

. distribution, sales, franchise, commission, retail

. consultants, commercial agents

. R&D, high tech, information technology (IT), e-commerce 

. industrial plant, equipement, tooling

. mecchanical, automotive, steel/metal industries

. construction, special products and services, construction products, packaging

. composites, plastics products & automotive

 . chemicals, Oil & Gas, hydro, energy & construction industries

. plant and projects (BOT, EPC, turnkey projects ...)

. life sciences: health care, pharmaceutical products

. biotech, medical device manufacturers

. communication.

The city of Lyon - France:

 The city of Lyon (France) where our law firm is established is the second major city in France: - it is a well known and long standing place for business and it offers all the services you may expect to set up business in France or to host your headquarters.

Lyon (France) is close to the French Riviera, Switzerland, Italy, and has many connections with Germany and northern and eastern Europe.

From or to Lyon (France) you can fly any place and get in the centre of Paris in less than two hours by TGV.


The city of Lyon is the capital of the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region (France).

It is the second biggest French city for business, trade, high tech or biotech, life sciences, industries, IT, automotive, etc.

Lyon is also very close to Switzerland, Italy, the French Riviera and to the Alps (and therefore to all major French ski resorts). 

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Business Law firm in France: International, European & French law